Google woos developers with OpenSocial network

Google is gearing up to unveil plans for its new social networking offering OpenSocial. The site aims to make it easier to connect your profile and friends across social networks and it also allows developers to build applications that run on any participating network, using the data stored by that network.

OpenSocial comprises other Google and third-party networks including business-focused sites, such as Orkut, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Friendster, Viadeo and Oracle Events.

Google’s strategy is based around an open networked experience and observers say it could give Google the lead it needs in the rapidly growing sector as it will allow developers to build a standard set of applications that will work across all partner sites. There is also speculation that the proposition will integrate services including G-mail and Talk.

Google has reportedly contacted Facebook application developers to take part in the beta test, which would allow developers to embed Google Adwords into their applications.


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