Gordon Ramsay and Pixie Lott star in milk campaign

Pixie Lott and Gordon Ramsay are to star in a new campaign to drive sales of milk.

Pixie Lott in milk campaign
Pixie Lott in milk campaign

The singer and celebrity chef are featured sporting the familiar white milk moustache with the strapline “make mine milk”.

The campaign aims to promote the health benefits of drinking low-fat milk and will include outdoor, and digital elements.

Other celebrities are set to be revealed as part of the £7.5m Milk Marketing Forum campaign.

Ramsay says: “There is a lot of love for milk in this country, but people often assume that it’s only good for kids who need a bit of calcium. The truth is that milk, especially low-fat milk, is fantastically good for you.”

Between 2001 and 2008, there has been a 1% decline in milk consumption each year.

The Scottish milk campaign starring British number one tennis player Andy Murray and model Nell McAndrew led to a 3.4% increase in milk sales.

Celebrities including singer Beyonce Knowles and actor Hugh Jackman have previously starred in the US “Got milk” campaign.


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