Government ad spend rises

A report on the Government’s ad spend is expected to show that it has increased for the first time in two years. A General Election is anticipated for next year.

Ad spend is unlikely to exceed that of Procter & Gamble or Unilever, reflecting the Government’s determination to avoid using taxpayers’ money on unnecessary campaigns.

Nevertheless, it will retain its position as one of the UK’s top advertisers. Its ad spend will be revealed by COI Communications in its annual report, out this week.

Last year, the COI’s ad spend dropped slightly to £160.6m in the year ending March 31 2003, down from £162.6m in the previous 12 months. The COI’s annual report at the time showed it had met the Government’s efficiency targets.

A spokeswoman for the COI has declined to comment on any figures before the report is published.

This will be chief executive Alan Bishop’s second annual report since he took over from Carol Fisher in November 2002. Bishop is busy reorganising the Government’s account management structures in an attempt to obtain “best value possible for the UK taxpayer”.


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