Government ads to push tough stance on asylum

The Government is plotting a sensitive advertising campaign about asylum seekers, after coming under continuous fire for failing to act on the issue. It is believed that the campaign will challenge recent media reports about chaos in the UK’s asylum system.

The campaign is also expected to highlight the performance of the Government when processing the claims and legal appeals of asylum seekers.

It is understood that the Home Office has already briefed agencies to work on the pitch.

The Government has long been criticised in the media for forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for feeding and housing asylum seekers. The campaign will seek to alleviate these concerns and instead talk about Home Secretary David Blunkett’s tough stance on asylum. Blunkett has said that the Asylum and Immigration Bill, now going through Parliament, will introduce a new speed and decisiveness to the appeals and removal processes.

The House of Commons Home Affairs select committee recently urged the Government to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to crack down on illegal working, following what is described as an “extremely low level” of prosecutions under immigration rules. The Government plans to use the Act to tackle people-smugglers.


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