Government details marcomms plans

The Government plans to spend £237m on marcomms activity in the current fiscal year on priorities including campaigns to recruit soldiers and anti-obesity initiative Change4Life.

The Government plans to spend £237m on marcomms activity in the coming year on campaigns such as Change4Life.

The amount is less than the £285m budgeted for the previous 2012/2013 fiscal year but in line with the £233m actually spent in the period. A spokeswoman for the Cabinet Office says its ongoing cost efficiency drive meant it could reduce the planned spend.   

In its communications plan for 2013/2014, the Government lays out its priorities for the year. As well as ongoing campaigns for Armed Forces recruitment, road safety and Change4Life Whitehall marketing priorities include raising awareness of workplace pensions and activity to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.

The document also offers more details on the Aspire capability drive, which will see Whitehall marcomms staff put through a series of training courses and offered tools designed to enable them to develop low-cost digital marketing campaigns.

About 1,600 training places to improve the digital, evaluation and procurement skills of staff will be available, the report adds.  



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