Government health body backs calls for booze ad ban

An advisory body that produces guidance for the NHS has added its voice to calls for a complete ban on alcohol marketing.

Alcohol: Bid to tackle misuse
Alcohol: Bid to tackle misuse

The recommendation is one of several from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) in draft guidance on tackling alcohol misuse among young people.

NICE admits there is only limited evidence that alcohol advertising affects consumption among adults, but says “it is difficult to protect children and young people without introducing a complete ban”.

The body also calls for a complete ban on alcohol advertising on media outlets where more than 5% of the audience is under 18 as well as restricting marketing “to the facts about the product”.

NICE’s guidance follows the demand from the British Medical Association last month for a complete ban on alcohol advertising and sponsorship.

A committee of MPs is also approaching the end of its inquiry into alcohol, which has covered the influence of marketing on consumption. The inquiry restarts today (15 October) with a session probing the impact of price promotion in supermarkets and the effects of sponsorship.

The alcohol industry recently launched its own attempt to change attitudes towards binge drinking and drunkenness among young people. The £100m “Campaign for Smarter Drinking” was developed by 45 companies in partnership with


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