Government targets young people with flu vaccine ads

The Government is launching its seasonal flu campaign this Monday (October 1), urging those most “at risk” to get their free flu jab. This year’s campaign will focus on young people, who may be vulnerable to the side effects of the virus.

The Department of Health says that last year 58% of people “at risk” and under the age of 65 years old did not get a jab, leaving two million people susceptible to the illness, which can lead to bronchitis, pneumonia or even death.

Chief Medical Officer, Professor Liam Donaldson says: “It is a common misconception that it’s only older people who suffer the most when they get flu. Many children and adults under the age of 65 are putting themselves at just as much risk to the effects of the virus.”

Last year, the Government’s flu campaign was beset with problems when supply of the vaccine was delayed. The crisis left millions who responded to its advertising campaign untreated until the end of December, weeks after the optimum time for vaccination.


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