Govt ad warns of spread of swine flu

The Government is launching a campaign to show how easily swine flu can spread.

Television, outdoor and press ads using the strapline “Flu. Protect yourself and others”, break this week.

The TV ad, created by DDB shows a man sneezing and coughing on his way home from work on public transport, leaving a visible trail of germs as he goes. The spread of germs continues to his family as he arrives home and his son sucks his thumb after touching the TV remote the man has picked up.

The campaign comes as the swine flu vaccine arrives at doctor’s surgeries today, and vaccinations of the most at risk patients, including pregnant women, begins.

It follows on from the NHS “Catch it. Bin it. Kill it.” campaign that launched in April.

The Health Secretary Andy Burnham says: “This campaign is a reminder of how easily germs are passed around. Vaccination of at-risk groups is well under way but we can’t vaccinate everyone straight away.

Helping to stop the spread of flu is easy, simply by covering your nose and mouth with tissues when you cough and sneeze, throwing the tissue away and washing your hands really cuts the chances of spreading the virus.”


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