GQ teams up with Citroën to launch branded car

GQ has partnered with Citroën to launch its own concept car, which will be available for readers to view in this month’s issue, out tomorrow (4 March).

The men’s magazine has worked closely with the French marque to create a hybrid car that suits its target readership, featuring styling by Citroën’s designer, Mark Lloyd, and interior design by Patrick Grant, the creative director of Savile Row tailors, E. Tautz.

The project has been led by GQ’s editor Dylan Jones, and will be formally launched in central London this week. It will also be featured in April’s issue of the magazine.

Jones says:  “I wanted something practical, something cool and something idiosyncratic.  The GQ car needed to have the “want” factor, but it also needed to look, feel and “drive” like the sort of car no sane man could ignore.”

The hybrid car has been designed to stay close to the signature Citroën design and takes a GT body style.

Mark Lloyd, chief designer of Citroën’s international projects, says: “Where this car works so well with GQ is that it fits with the current attitudes of conspicuous consumption.  It is understated rather than in-your-face, sleek rather than macho.”

This is not the first time GQ has partnered with other brands. The magazine has also had branded made to measure suits, personalised aftershaves, handmade shoes and limited-edition accessories, racehorses, bars and houses in the past.

In the last magazine ABC’s GQ was one of the only paid-for men’s magazine to see its circulation increase. For the year 2007-2008, its circulation rose by 0.4% to 130,008.


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