Granada chief takes seat on board of Liverpool FC

Granada Media Group commercial director Stacey Cartwright will take up the company’s seat on the board of Liverpool Football Club.

Granada bought a 9.9 per cent stake in the club for £22m earlier this month, and secured merchandising, TV and publishing rights, as well as a non-executive seat on the board.

The board expands from nine to ten to accommodate Cartwright, who is herself a Liverpool fan. She will sit alongside senior board members such as chairman and Littlewoods shopping heir David Moores and chief executive Rick Parry.

At the time the deal was announced Parry said: “The rightful place for Liverpool is on top of the pile, but we felt we couldn’t get there on our own. We had to bring in some investment. Now we have some money, while at the same time gaining people with tremendous expertise.”

Though the club has not won a league title for ten years it remains the country’s most successful football club, winning the European Cup four times.

A spokeswoman for Granada says: “We will look to exploit the Liverpool FC brand and get significant asset growth from this deal. We have exploited the Coronation Street brand comprehensively, and we expect to do the same with Liverpool.”


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