Great Britain must make its fortune

I totally agree with George Pitcher that the regeneration of the manufacturing industry must become New Labour’s priority. A country cannot live by service alone. How do we generate the same passion for making things that we have for designing and marketing them? James “No Bag” Dyson has done it and maybe the fortune that he is obviously making will set things in motion and inspire others.

Incidentally, we are not just a “service industry”. We manufacture food in all our kitchens and also make furniture in a small way. I get more pleasure and satisfaction from these activities than I do from anything else – it’s really hard work and honest – unlike most marketing!

Incidentally, just to put the record straight, I doubt if there is anybody employed by us, who when you include their share of the service charge (tips) get less than what I guess might be the minimum wage.

Terence Conran

London SE1


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