“Green” DM opt out service sign ups top 40k

The Green Preference Service (GPS), the DMA supported initiative that aims to cut the amount of unwanted mail by handing consumers a choice of receiving DM by post or email, has signed up more than 40,000 people since launching in June.


The firm behind the service, led by former Emailvision executive Paul Anderson, says that it is “on track” to reach its sign up targets.

It is currently seeking additional funds to bolster take up with the aim of reaching 500,000 sign ups by the middle of 2012. It claims to be on target to reach two million subscribers by late 2013.

GPS allows people to opt-out of receiving physical mail, instead setting up a “web box” to receive DM electronically.

Direct marketers pay to use the service to check the channel customers prefer to receive information. If email, brands can send a message to their web box.

It is hoped the service will help reduce the amount of CO2 produced from unsolicited physical direct mail by getting consumers to choose to switch 1.5 billion pieces of mail through the service each year.

Its launch met criticism from some in the industry that accused the service of being anti-physical mail.


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Blue Dot launches social currency scheme

Rosie Baker

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