Green Flag to launch new services

Motor breakdown company Green Flag is planning to move into home security and financial services.

The company, which sprang to national prominence with its sponsorship of the England national football team, hopes to launch both services by the end of the year.

The home protection scheme will include an alarm service which will be linked to the Green Flag call centre in Leeds. The company already runs a Home Assist and Home Assist Plus service which covers domestic accidents.

The financial protection service will concentrate on losses suffered away from home. If a customer loses credit cards, Green Flag will cancel them and order replacements. It will also provide an instant loan if needed.

Group chief executive Neil Twist is keen to transform the business into a wide-ranging assistance service, very different to its current focus as a motor breakdown company. He intends to put the company’s call centre, which handles 20 million calls a year, at the hub of these operations.


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