Green light to pull faces at the boss

We all need to exercise more, it’s a fact. But what can we do, we are forced to sit in front of computers all day, slowly developing paunches that most dart players would be proud of. If you do get a chance to leave the office, it’s usually to go and sit in a pub or to have lunch with clients or contacts.

So what can we do to fight the flab? The Diary might just have the answer, thanks to Quiet Storm, which recently won the creative work for Cheestrings (MW June 20). Instead of run-of-the-mill holding music, Quiet Storm runs a workout tape for your face. It begins: “Let’s start with the left eyebrow and lift two, three”. After your face has been thoroughly trimmed up, the tape boosts your spirits by telling you that: “This is not just for good looking people.” Thanks, the Diary needed reassurance.

Maybe Quiet Storm’s craze of facercise will catch on or maybe (Are you ready for it?) it will all just be a Quiet Storm in a noisy teacup


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