Greenalls to generate £2m with ‘video cubes’ in bars

National pub and restaurant group Greenalls is to sell advertising slots on its in-bar music video system.

The company hopes to generate &£2m a year by selling space on its 64-screen, revolving video “cubes”, which are the focal point of its city centre bar chain Squares.

Trials begin this week with an ad for Carlsberg’s Sounds Good promotion, run jointly with MTV, HMV and Virgin Radio.

Kieran Phelan, business managing director of Greenalls’ town centre pubs and restaurants, says: “We have a unique offer in the video cube, which has been pivotal to the success of the Squares brand.

“We know a great deal about our customers – who they are, and when they visit, for example – and we can offer advertisers a tightly-targeted medium with well-defined brand values.

“It is still early days, so we haven’t agreed on rates yet but we are looking at about &£10 per slot, which is superb value compared with magazines and radio.”

The company aims to make advertising slots available every 15 minutes between midday and 11pm, between specially-programmed music videos.

Greenalls’ has 14 Squares bars across the country. It is aimed at 18- to 30-year-olds looking for a nightclub experience.


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