Gremlins join Jones in BT Business ads

BT’s new advertising campaign will feature 1980s film characters the Gremlins alongside Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones.

The campaign, which has been created by Swarm for BT Business, breaks on May 5 and replaces the Gordon Ramsay ads that were introduced a year ago. It was announced last week that Jones would appear in the activity (, April 22).

The TV ad will show the entrepreneur working late alone in his office. He is seen struggling to get his computer to work and comes across bare wires that look as if they have been chewed.

With no IT support available, he tries to fix the problem himself, only to provoke a Gremlin attack that leadsto an IT meltdown. The ad ends with a dejected Jones slumped on his desk.

The campaign announces the fact that BT Business now offers 24-hour IT and communications support for all business customers, allowing them to do what they do best, which was also the theme of the Ramsay ads.

Jones says: “As an entrepreneur working with many small businesses and start-ups, I know how catastrophic it can be when IT problems strike. It is vital for any company to have the necessary support around the clock, but especially for companies who don’t have the benefit of IT departments and experts on-site all the time.”

The previous campaign saw Ramsay trying to fix his computer with a knife as his kitchen burned in the background.


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