Grolsch unveils creative hub for film makers

Grolsch is launching a creative hub for independent film makers to share their movies online in a bid to target drinkers outside of traditional advertising channels.


The Dutch beer brand is relaunching the online portal for its Film Works initiative to encourage directors, script writers, cinematographers and score writers to share the content they produce with visitors.

Grolsch launched the film initiative last February to drive its strategy to align itself with independent cinema.

The beer brand is rolling out the platform in ten of its key markets including the US, Poland, France and Sweden this week.
A UK launch is planned for later this year.

The revamp follows Grolsch’s premier of the ‘The Fourth Dimension’ last week (21 April), the first in a series of short films funded by the brand, which stars Val Kilmer.

Thomas Kamphuis, who heads up the Grolsch Film Works programme, says it will follow a two pronged strategy of using films it produces to appeal to “young creative males in urban areas” and the content on site to attract a broader audience.

He adds: “Our long-term goal is to build a community around the Film Works initiative. The previous platform was set up to send content to audiences with no interaction, whereas the new platform is really set up to engage them and draw them in to the discussion.

“We realised that apart from branding at the start and end of the short films we produce there isn’t an opportunity to get the brand in front of consumer while they’re running. The site is a way of doing this and promoting our ties to independent film.”


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