Guinness Red to launch TV campaign

Diageo is launching a television campaign to promote Guinness Red to drive brand awareness of the newly launched drink, a sweeter tasting Guinness. Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO has created the campaign.

Guinness Red, which aims to be more accessible to consumers than the original “Black Stuff”, was first trialled last year in more than 140 Mitchell & Butlers pubs across the country.

The ad campaign, “Guinness Red – Looks Dark, Tastes Light” follows a man on his journey to a bar for a pint of Guinness Red. The campaign which breaks today (October 6) also includes outdoor advertising and in-bar sampling and experiential marketing.

Louise Curran, Guinness Red marketing manager at Diageo GB, says: “We know people who try Guinness Red love the beer and buy it again. Our new campaign is all about driving mass awareness and trial and introduces our new positioning ‘Guinness Red: looks dark, tastes light’ – which communicates the refreshingly light-taste of the beer.”

Guinness Red is made the same way as Guinness Draught, using the same four ingredients – yeast, hops, barley and water – and the same brewing process. The key difference is that the barley for Guinness Red is only lightly-roasted which gives the pint a ruby red colour and a light taste. It is served at ‘Extra Cold’ temperature (3.5°c).


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