Guinness redesigns site

Guinness is relaunching its website, with customised content to suit visitors’ interests and social lives.

Designed to increase stickiness and build a stronger sense of community, it now features microsites such as Guinness Guide To Football and Four Steps To Relaxation.

New visitors are asked to fill out an online form, providing information on whether they like to enjoy their Guinness in a pint, bottle or can. They are also encouraged to discuss where and why they drink it.

The information will be used to guide visitors to the relevant content and competitions on the site and will also play a key role in future direct mail campaigns.

For the relaunch Guinness has teamed up with comedy club Jongleurs, which will provide jokes for the site. A bus-side campaign will feature ads carrying the first line of a joke and a link to the website for the punchline.

“We have kept some aspects of the original site such as films and screensavers from recent ad campaigns,” says Hayley Davis, relationship marketing manager in charge of Internet strategy for Guinness UK.

“But whereas our previous site took more of an above-the-line approach, the new one is much more about building relationships.”


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