Hack your commute: Take a different route

Inspiring ideas to expand your mind on the way to work.

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This commute hack makes most sense if you drive, cycle or walk to work, but now is the time do it, as the school summer holidays mean lighter road traffic and the chance to take a more circuitous route without costing yourself too much time.

Why bother? Well, there can’t be many among us who haven’t chastised themselves for not exploring their local area; for missing out on nooks, crannies or social venues that friends have raved about but have always remained mysteriously hidden.

Here’s an opening to expand your local horizons and discover some gems of your own. You might even find new shortcuts or quieter back roads that make a hectic daily journey more tolerable.

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Breaking patterns of behaviour relating to your commute may also be helpful in mitigating daily anxiety, if you generally associate getting to work with stressful experiences.

Even if you are a public transport commuter, you may find alternatives that seem impossible from the blinkered view of your usual race to the office.

If you usually take a bus or car to get to your train, Tube or metro station, for example, swapping it for a walk might actually get you there quicker on days with heavy traffic. And perhaps for simple variety or to see some unfamiliar sights, there’s a river route or tram that can give you the feeling of being a tourist even when you’ve used the last of your annual leave.



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