Hack your Christmas: Boost your knowledge with a trivia game

Inspiring ideas to expand your mind over the festive period.

It’s 4pm on 25 December. The chocolate log has been polished off and you’re on your fourth glass of wine, but you’ve hit that barren patch between the Queen and Doctor Who. Your witty repartee has totally dried up and Granny is in danger of falling asleep. It’s the moment someone inevitably suggests playing a board game.

We can already hear you groaning, but instead, you could choose to come prepared and propose something you would actually gain from – that’s assuming you’re still in the mood for expanding your mind at this stage.

In the interests of avoiding the open family warfare that inevitably ensues upon starting a game of Monopoly, the obvious candidate for testing and improving your general knowledge is Trivial Pursuit – as long as the question cards weren’t exhausted last Christmas.

If you’re really dedicated, you could even write your own quiz for the family and expand your knowledge researching challenging questions, all while testing out your management and diplomacy skills in the role of quizmaster.



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