Hack your commute: Become an expert in anything

Marketing Week’s ‘Hack your commute’ series uncovers inspiring and fulfilling ways to spend your journeys to and from work that will expand your mind and broaden your horizons.

An expert in what? Well, anything. Let’s make some very broad generalisations: your commute will afford you 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, twice a day, five days a week.

Assuming you have six weeks’ holiday a year and work for 45 years without hiatus, that is 10,350 hours to do with as you please – within the confines of your mode of transport, of course.

Malcolm Gladwell’s famed 10,000-hour rule (that this amount of deliberate practice is the common trait of world-class practitioners in a given field) should jump immediately to mind.

The number is obviously arbitrary and has been debunked more than once, but the important thing should be the possibilities it suggests, should you decide to devote the time to something worthwhile.

Let’s just hope your expertise extends beyond memorising the junctions of the M1 or your local train timetable.



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  1. Pete Austin 2 Oct 2017

    Shows how unrealistic “personal development” can be. Assuming a more credible 200 days per year, you get to be an expert in 50 years, by which time you’re retired or dead. And who of us stays in the same career for 50 years? Suggest you network on LinkedIn instead.

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