Hack your commute: Gamify your life

Ever wished you life was a Final Fantasy video game? Well then there’s an app for you that can help attach stats, points and achievements to any aspect of your life.


Gamify your life

Have you ever wished your life was a Final Fantasy video game? If you’re one of the tiny percentage of people who both understood and answered ‘yes’ to that question, then LifeRPG is for you. The mobile app, only available on Android devices, enables you to attach stats, points and achievements to virtually any activity, thus turning your day-to-day existence into an intricate and engrossing role-playing game.

Fans of the fantasy genre will be instantly familiar with the concept of having a list of skills, each with a score, and completing missions to increase those scores and ‘level up’. LifeRPG lets you programme missions with varying levels of difficulty, urgency and fear, and then rewards you with experience points once you accomplish them. You can view your strengths and weaknesses across all your skills on a radar map.

So why on Middle Earth would you want to immerse yourself in such an involved pursuit? A certain segment of super-nerds out there will not require an answer to this, but for anyone else the appeal is in having, as one Google Play review puts it, a “motivator for people like me who need a gentle push and positive reinforcement to do things”.

As with any RPG, you can personalise your strategy and incentivise yourself according to how you want to achieve your goals, then enjoy reaping the rewards as you see your in-game profile take on superhuman proportions. However, if you have board-level aspirations, avoid going around the office bragging about being a level-65 database wizard.



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