Hackney Council to launch fashion eco bags

The London Borough of Hackney is preparing to launch a range of sustainable bags developed by local designers in a bid to reduce the number of plastic bags used by retailers in the area.


The news comes as WRAP revealed that more than 6.4 billion carrier bags were given out by retailers in 2010 – a 5% increase on the previous year.

Hackney Council is hopes to introduce limited edition sustainable bag designed by local, upcoming and established designers to reduce carbon footprint and encourage long-term eco-friendly behaviour in the borough.

The area is home to the London College of Fashion and has historic ties to the fashion industry. The Council says it wants to “build on its fashion heritage and style credentials to tackle a growing concern”

It plans to create four seasonal bags over the course of the year-long scheme, to coincide with London Fashion Week.

The bags will be given away free to residents that spend more that £10 on produce in one shopping transaction at street markets in the borough.

The initiative will be supported by a PR and social media campaign as well as on the Council’s own media channels.



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