Haircare straight from the horse’s coat

A US haircare range, which was originally developed for horses, is being prepared for a UK launch targeted at humans.

Mane `n Tail shampoo and styling products will launch on the QVC satellite shopping channel by the end of January. Within four months, supermarkets and chemists are expected to stock the range, which includes a nail strengthener named Hoofmaker.

The UK launch will act as a pilot for introductions from the full US range, which includes a cream – said to help eczema – originally designed for cows udders.

The products were developed by US company Straight Arrow. Versions of the products for humans have been selling in the US since 1989. Little has changed from the original animal formula, but the packaging, which was originally a bucket, has been modified for human use.

“It started as a range for show horses, but it was found the range gave human hair a glossier shine and did wonders for your hands and nails,” says a Straight Arrow spokeswoman. A press campaign is planned by the end of the year.


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