Halewood launches alcoholic shot range despite tightened ad rules

Halewood International is launching a pre-packaged shot range called Splitz this month to target the Christmas party season market.

The variant of shot brand Sidekick, to be made available in 30ml pots containing two separate flavours in bright colours, is expected to stir controversy at a time when the industry is trying to fend off mounting calls for stricter legislation on marketing and advertising of alcohol.

Sidekick Splitz claims to have a 14.5% alcohol by volume (ABV) half the alcohol volume of full strength vodka at 37.5% ABV. Halewood International marketing controller Richard Clark says the company “shares retailers’ desires to deliver on social responsibility as well as satisfy the market demand.”

The brand also claims the double-barrelled shot will add to the “fun and great taste” of the original Sidekick range.

The Splitz range will be introduced in five combination flavours including strawberries and cream, sour cherry and cola, sour apple and raspberry, golden toffee and cream and coffee cream and orange. Clark says the organisation has extended its Sidekick portfolio to offer a premium product. “In addition to offering consumers a trade up, Splitz provides a higher cash margin for retailers,” he adds.

The product will be available this month with a recommended retail price of £3.49 for a pack of four on the off-trade sector. A six-pot pack will also be introduced in January.

The launch comes on the back of research by Hale-wood International into the future of the shot category. Clark says feedback from retailers showed that despite a reduction in shot-like products in recent months, they still believe there is a high demand for this style of drink.


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