Half of consumers shun brands that don’t label carbon footprint

Nearly half of consumers would shun brands that aren’t taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint, according to a new report by the Carbon Trust.


The figure has doubled from last year when only 22% of shoppers said they would avoid brands that didn’t measure or reduce their carbon footprint.

More than a fifth (21%) of consumer would pay more for brands that label their products with the carbon impact and 47% are more likely to choose low carbon labelled goods over non-labelled.

The Carbon Trust surveyed 1,000 adults in the UK during February and March 2011.

The Carbon trust says the findings underline the need for corporate leadership on carbon reduction.

It also claims that only 59% of FTSE 100 companies have clear targets to cut carbon footprints.

Tom Delay, chief executive, the Carbon Trust, says: “The Government’s decision to set a legally binding target on greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020 makes it clear that the UK intends to be a global leader in the low carbon economy.

“Taken alongside increased consumer demand for low carbon products, 2011 is the year for businesses to develop strategies and set clear targets to help them plan and capitalise on green growth opportunities.”


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