Haliborange TV campaign focuses on fun

Seven Seas has launched a television campaign under its banner “Let Kids Shine” as part of its rebranding activity for Haliborange, the children’s vitamin brand.

Haliborange TV campaign
Haliborange TV campaign

The TV campaign has been created by McCann Erickson Manchester and focuses on the recently introduced brand platform Haliborange, Let Kids Shine.

The ad shows footage of children hoping to shine in whatever they do from stacking cups super fast to cute body popping, and is aimed at encouraging parents to consider their child’s vitamin needs.

The ad also promotes the recently launched probiotic vitamin and the wider range of tasty vitamins.

The TV campaign runs throughout the month on Channel 4, Five, ITV2/3, E4 and other satellite channels.

It is part of a full 360 degree communication re-launch under the new creative platform. The re-launch includes full packaging redesign, a fresh interactive website, the first Probiotic Multivitamin for kids, the Haliborange Shiny School , social media including a facebook page, PR and in-store activities.

Kay White, group account director at the agency says: “It was important for us to develop a creative concept that would appeal to parents and have real stand out. The concept behind – Let kids shine – is that parents want their children to be healthy and happy in whatever they do and this fun and engaging TV advert reflects that.”


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