Brand id isn’t all about the bottle

Marketing Week

In last week’s Marketing Week, David Benady examined the role of strong design in successful branding (Daring to beÂDifferent, December 2). I couldn’t agree more that strong visual identities are at the very heart of almost every truly successful brand, and that central to successful, focused design is a clear and unambiguous brief against which […]

Tourism ads pulled after Asia horrors

Marketing Week

The tsunami that devastated Asian coastlines on Boxing Day has forced travel companies and tourist boards to rethink their marketing. The Thailand Tourist Board has delayed an outdoor campaign, due to begin this week, until at least the end of the month. Cathay Pacific has pulled a 16-page full-colour tabloid, partly focusing on Asia and […]

Lock this landlubber in the padded… brig?

Marketing Week

Staff at the Yellow Submarine really have lost the plot this time. Either that or the motivational speakers they hired recently (MW November 25, 2004) left some “motivational substances” behind. How else to explain this photo? The Diary is assured it depicts Tony Aiello, creative director of the agency, “living the brand”. To these eyes, […]


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