Harnessing the brand power of charm

Being charming doesn’t just improve social and business relationships. It also does wonders for brands, says Lisa Tse, chief executive of the Lisa Tse studio

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According to psychologists, self-esteem is at the core of our personality. The emotional evaluation of our own sense of worth is hugely influential
on behaviour and decision-making.

We have all met someone who has the ability to earn the trust of others easily, and who makes you feel as though you are the most important person they have met. Whether it’s an unexpected gesture or a point of inspiration, you never forget the precise moment when someone – or something – makes a connection. It resonates on a deeper level and creates a lasting impression. American poet Maya Angelou summed it up when she said: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

So imagine the power of brands that can genuinely connect with people and make them feel amazing, and how valuable that would be.

Searching for a powerful, persuasive communication tool? Great brands communicate with charm. Charm is often underestimated, for its effectiveness lies in its discretion.

Socially, it is one of the most powerful factors affecting our ability to influence or persuade others in our personal or professional lives. Everyone wants to be charming, but most people do not realise just how dramatically charm can improve both social and business relationships.

Brands, too, can greatly benefit by employing charm as a strategic tool to create connections with their audience. When it comes to creative communication, charm can manifest in many forms, from the prominent and obvious to the subtle and understated – and both can be equally effective. So, how can brands become more persuasive, engaging and successful by communicating with charm?

Inspire and delight

Hosted at Kensington Palace by HRH The Duke of Cambridge in aid of Centrepoint’s work with young homeless people, the Winter Whites Gala on 26 November promises to be a magnificent occasion, demonstrating the power an inspiring event can achieve when it connects with its audience.

Beguiling and enchanting, the grounds at Kensington Palace will be transformed into a magical winter wonderland, capturing the signature charm of the gala.

Drawing on the event’s regal associations, a visual identity was created based on the concept of two crowns formed from snowflakes. A website provides visitors with a glimpse into the captivating world that awaits, featuring an immersive scene complete with delicate snowfall and inviting the audience to share in this unique experience.

Bespoke luxury candles have also been crafted as personal gifts for each guest, channelling the inspiring message of the gala long after the evening has finished.

Sharing the vision of Centrepoint’s work is at the core of the event, as is delighting and inspiring the charity’s guests. Sharing experiences cultivates common ground and encourages familiarity, which in turn produces trust.

HRH The Duke of Cambridge hosts a gala this month for the charity Centrepoint

Take your audience on a journey and invite them into your world. Brands can create a rich and rewarding experience to share and successfully inspire and delight.

Be authentic

Successful brands recognise the difference between authentic charm and masked pretension – and consumers even more so. Therefore it is paramount to sustain an authentic approach and build a genuine connection with your audience.

Charm in itself is not merely limited to the common perception of smooth talking and finesse. Brands that act with integrity and authenticity will naturally usurp the wiles of a servile flatterer.

Villa rental company One Authentic Properties manages to maintain its charm and brand authenticity, rooted in its principles of quality, craftsmanship and service. It has curated a unique private collection of luxury villas in key desirable locations in France, available for rental by a discerning clientele. Transparency is rare in this private world and One’s unpretentious approach is honest and refreshing.

Visitors can browse through the company’s portfolio online and view various individual property features and booking rates, all through a dedicated website. With a property portfolio valued in excess of €250 million, the website provides unprecendented access and information to prospective visitors within an otherwise hidden world. Such transparency invites visitors into the authentic world of One, capturing their imaginations and trust throughout the process.

Make people smile

People of all ages and cultures respond to humour and it can be a valuable asset when succesfully integrated into a brand’s creative communication. Carefully chosen words and artfully placed ideas can equally disarm and delight. 

China Tang at the Dorchester is well known as a first-class venue for Chinese cuisine in London. Nestled among its glossy neighbours on Park Lane, it may seem an unexpected environment for a giggle. However, at the core of the brand is its innovative charm and rebellious commitment to challenging the stereotypes of Chinese cooking in the UK.

You would expect the website to showcase the glamorous venue and highlight the appetising menus on offer. Less expected, however, is the detailed page outlining ‘How to murder a Chinese’. Of course, the brand manual is not advocating homicide – only the death of stereotypical Chinese cooking.

This bold message, which underpins the brand’s campaign to champion authentic Chinese cooking in the UK, forms an integral measure of China Tang’s playful character and is part of its essential charm. In a world littered with marketing noise and branding buzzwords, distinguishing your brand from the rest of the crowd is paramount to success.

So in conclusion, how can brands establish an authentic connection with their audience? It’s simple: great brands communicate with charm.

The power of charm is captivating, influential and magnetic. Every brand can benefit from adopting and integrating charm into their creative communications.

Charm is a powerful way to deliver your brand message that inspires and delights. Forget what you said. Forget what you did. Remember how you made people feel. Charmed? I’m sure.

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