Harvey the dog returns in Thinkbox TV ad

Thinkbox will attempt to convey the “emotional power” TV can bring to brands in its latest campaign starring brand ambassador Harvey the dog.


Harvey uses TV to convince his owner not to throw away his favourite stuffed toy and best friend Rabbit in the latest ad campaign from the marketing body.

The ad, which ends with the line “Discover the power of TV advertising at www.thinkbox.tv”, is soundtracked with a song about friends written by comic Adam Buxton.

The campaign was created by The Red Brick Road. It will broadcast on TV from 1 May.


Paddy Power

Paddy Power spoofs goal-line technology

Seb Joseph

Paddy Power is courting controversy yet again with its latest YouTube advertising campaign in which it pledges to ‘fit’ all the ‘hot’ women in Poland and Ukraine with goal-line technology to improve the England team’s chances of victory at next month’s Euro 2012.