Hasbro adds bite to Jordans cereal

Toy manufacturer Hasbro has teamed up with cereal maker Jordans to launch an Action Man-themed cereal designed to appeal to children and their mothers.

Action Man Power Packed Cereal is the creation of a brand matching service at Griffin Bacal, Hasbro’s roster advertising agency. The idea was dreamt up by development director Geoffrey Sundquist.

Griffin Bacal is tipped to create Jordans’ TV ads for the brand, once it has achieved distribution agreements with supermarket chains.

Griffin Bacal chief executive Jo Hoare says this is the first time Jordans has launched a product in the children’s sector of the cereal market. “The brand will succeed partly because of child ‘pester power’, because this is a cereal that children will want, but also because mothers will see it is made by Jordans and know it is a good quality product.”

Griffin Bacal helped create the packaging, designed to reflect the appeal of Action Man toys.

The cereal consists of cereal clusters with honey, described on the box as “awesome chunks of cereal and honey, bursting with high-octane body fuel, called special energy clusters”.

Griffin Bacal’s marketing partnership service has previously brought together Norwich Union Direct and smoke detector manufacturer First Alert. A promotion was designed where consumers received money off their household insurance if they bought a First Alert alarm.


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