Hasbro Interactive appoints chief

Hasbro Interactive has promoted international marketing director Dominic Myers to international managing director following this week’s departure of Tim Christian.

Christian, who has no job to go to, was given the role of international managing director after the company bought gaming company MicroProse in 1998. He was previously managing director for Europe and the Asia Pacific at MicroProse.

Myers left his post as associate marketing director of Somerfield to join Hasbro Interactive as international marketing director a year ago.

The company is looking for someone to replace Myers, as well as a European product marketer following David Robertson’s resignation last month to join EMI.

The departures come at a crucial time for the company as it gears up for this summer’s launch of the Grand Prix 3 game – its biggest to date.

Last June, Hasbro Interactive joint managing director Barry Jafrato quit after refusing to work at the company’s US office in Boston.

Myers says: “I am grateful for all of Christian’s efforts in turning Hasbro Interactive into a major player in the industry. We have a great team in place in our international offices and have significant capacity to continue to expand.”


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