Have you got the bottle to spout it out?

The Diary is approaching this story with considerable caution as beverages have been a source of much trouble lately, particularly teabags. The Diary has managed to upset more than one high street financial institution recently, and according to the latest correspondent, 1,000 teabags are in no way intended as a substitute for customer service. He sent in some electronic milk, so he should know.

But regardless of the risk, the Diary brings you news of “The Young Voice of Beer”, a competition from Coors Brewers and supported by the National Union of Students. Eighteento 28-year-olds are invited to render their interpretations of “the pleasure and beauty of beer” in whatever medium they choose, with cash prizes on offer.

While the idea is to be applauded, the Diary wonders if Coors is aware of the many artistic impressions of the pleasure and beauty of beer which already adorn the pavements and shop doorways of the UK’s university cities every Saturday night.


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