Head of marketing at Gallaher becomes md

Gallaher’s new chief executive Nigel Northridge has made marketing director Barry Jenner managing director of the tobacco company’s UK division.

Jenner will join an eight-strong management committee formed by Northridge to take day-to-day charge of the business on January 1.

Yann Tardiff, head of sales and marketing at Gallaher International, will be managing director of the continental Europe division. Other committee members will include head of corporate affairs Ian Birks and head of business development Eddy Pirard.

A source close to the company says: “This is an injection of fresh blood. They are all in their late 30s or early 40s. It will free the main board to get on with its job.”

Jenner will retain overall responsibility for UK marketing and take charge of sales and distribution when director Mike Friend retires in January.

Northridge, a former sales and marketing director at Gallaher and head of UK operations, succeeded chairman and chief executive Peter Wilson last week.

He says: “I am forming a management committee to run the day-to-day business of the company. This will build on the existing strengths of Gallaher and help drive the company forward.”


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