Health benefit of olive oil is focus of £14m Euro campaign

The European Commission has unveiled a €16.5m (£14m) campaign promoting the use of olive oil as part of its mission to encourage healthier lifestyles across the continent.

olive oil
Do you need an oil change? The EC ads promote a healthier diet

The campaign, which will run for three years, will initially cover Spain, France, the UK and Belgium, and will include television, radio, press, online, in-store and experiential activity.

It aims to persuade consumers to switch from other forms of oil to olive oil to gain the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet.

The campaign has been jointly funded by Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil, the Spanish ministry of the environment, rural and marine affairs and the European Commission.

As part of the marketing activity, a roadshow will provide information about olive oil, its health and dietary benefits and the variety of its uses in the kitchen direct to the public. A van with a chef and kitchen will offer samples of the different oils.

There will also be a direct marketing push offering vouchers to consumers and a prize draw will run, offering a trip to Spain. This will be complemented by a dedicated website.

Teresa Perez, head of Interprofessional Spanish Olive Oil, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the industry, says: “The aim of this push is to inspire consumers to think about what they are eating and reevaluate the benefits olive oil can offer them.”

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