Health Lottery readies campaign to nab disgruntled Lotto players

The Health Lottery is preparing to launch a multimedia campaign aimed at picking up disgruntled Lotto players unhappy about the price increase.  

Health Lottery

TV and press activity will follow the just launched poster campaign next week. Ads will point out people can play The Health Lottery for £1 – half the price of a Lotto ticket – and claim players are 7 times more likely to win than Lotto players. 

The Richard Desmond-backed venture is hoping to take advantage of any residual anger among Lotto players over the price increase, which comes into effect next month (5 October). 

The Health Lottery’s campaign will be dwarfed by the National Lottery’s £15m campaign, its “biggest ever”, which is currently being rolled out to promote the new-look Lotto game. Parent organisation Camelot claims the Lotto now gives users more opportunities to win. 

Camelot marketing director Sally Cowdry recently told Marketing Week the price increase was necessary to improve the proposition. “Players said the want the game to be refreshed and with more ways to win, with more money we’ve had to put the prices up… It’s not just a different price, it’s a different game,” she said.  

Click here to watch a Q&A with Camelot’s marketing director Sally Cowdry about the new campaign



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