Health warnings will not alter Booze Britain culture

Government plans to put health warnings and unit labelling on alcoholic drinks will get a “lukewarm reception” from men, according to research from Mintel. The research body has reported today (May 9) that the labels will only make around a third of men think about the amount of alcohol they consume.

Mintel’s research found 40% men and 49% of women to be in favour of health warnings on alcoholic drinks. However, only 33% women and 30% men say the labels will affect how much they drink. The research showed women to be more receptive to the initiative.

Mathilde Dudouit, senior research analyst at Mintel, says: “Men are clearly much more set in their ways when it comes to what they drink, and it will be harder to convince them to change their habits.”

The alcoholic drinks industry is worth £41bn in the UK. In an attempt to tackle Britain’s “binge drinking” habits, all alcoholic drinks will carry health warnings and unit labelling by the end of this year.


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