Health, Wealth and Happiness Index: Week 18

Overall well-being has dropped this week as the nation is affected by winter viruses, says Doug Edmonds at managing director of 2CV.

Doug Edmonds
Doug Edmonds

This week’s well-being index drops by 6 points registering at 39, signalling a dip in the nation’s mood.

This decrease is driven by men whose well-being significantly tumbles 14 points and the middle aged group who drop 11 points to 29%. Following last week’s surge putting men’s well-being at its highest yet, levels are now at their lowest (34%), last seen at the end of January.

In contrast, it has been a fairly stable week for women, with no significant changes. Well-being raises 3 points so nearly half (46%) are in good spirits. Perhaps as International Women’s Day reached its height and was high on the media agenda, this lifted their morale. Unfortunately for men, even a weekend full of sports fixtures was not enough to raise their spirits as happiness dropped by 7 points.

Interestingly, health levels amongst the different age groups vary considerably this week. With reports that the norovirus or ’winter vomiting bug’ is at highest levels on record, it could be the younger generation who are victims to this outbreak. They experience a drop in satisfaction with their general health, falling from last week’s 65% to 56%. Despite this fall, they are still the generation most content with their lot. The 55-74 year old age group experience an uplift in health levels as away from the hustle and bustle they begin to get more active outside as the weather continues to improve.

Wealth levels remain static across all age groups and gender. Here are the results by each demographic:

Young People
This week sees young people’s well-being drop by 6 points and health levels also take a fall of 9 points. This age group who typically work in highly contagious environments (offices, schools, shops) could be taking the brunt of the dreaded norovirus. Dissimilar to the other age groups who all report a slight drop in happiness levels, the younger generation, who may still be feeling the positive effects of fundraising as Sport Relief comes to a close, report a small 2 point increase so now 54% are feeling upbeat. Satisfaction with their financial situation remains at a low but stable 27%.

Middle-aged band
It has not been a great week for the 35-54 year olds as they report the largest decrease in well-being (11 points) and also a dip in happiness (7 points). With industrial action and strikes on the horizon threatening to disrupt travel plans, it appears to be overshadowing the eagerly-anticipated Easter holidays. Although a national holiday, it is often this group who are burdened with arranging the Easter get-away, which can affect well-being as a whole. Wealth levels remain static so just a quarter of this age group are content with their finances. However, health levels drop by 4 points to 41% making them the least satisfied with their fitness and physical condition.

Grey Market
Health is a dominant aspect this week and it sees an increase of 7 points (43%) amongst the 55-74 year olds. Despite the increased hours of daylight inspiring healthy regimes, happiness also dips 8 points to 49%. Wealth levels also take a negative turn, however, they are still the most affluent age group to target with a third (33%) still feeling financially secure despite this turbulent time in the run up to the election.


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