Health, wealth and happiness – Week 37

A week of decline amongst younger generations and men suggests the nation is feeling unsettled. Doug Edmonds, managing director of 2CV explains more.

This week’s well-being index drops by 3 points, registering at 43.

Whilst the overall well-being indicates relatively few changes, there are fluctuations amongst the sub-groups to note this week. A week of decline amongst the younger generations and men, in contrast with significant uplift in the older demographic, suggests the nation is feeling unsettled.

Following the bumper increases in well-being for the younger generation and the middle age band last week, the figures suggest a less positive outlook this week. With 41% of 16 to 34 year olds questioned feeling content in terms of overall well-being, and additional declines across all aspects, there are indications that stability of last week has been lost.

The 35 to 54 age demographic follows a similar pattern, bringing an end to their recent period of positivity, with declines in overall well-being (38%), health (45%) and wealth (20%). Recent news that housing prices have dropped indicates further problems in the economy could lie ahead, so this decline is not surprising.

With reports that first-time buyers are likely to face the highest costs for 25 years, their prospects are looking less positive; a factor that could be affecting their well-being. Worrying headlines concerning the economy bring bad news for marketers – with warnings of difficult months ahead, consumers are likely to curb their spending habits yet again, making them more challenging to engage with.

In contrast, a significant 13 point uplift in overall well-being (49%) amongst the grey market indicates they are in better spirits. With uplifts across all aspects this week they are escaping the pressures felt by other groups. With such variation across the demographics, it is vital for marketers to ensure their campaigns are developed to engage with their target audience in the most efficient way.

Here are the results by demographic:

Young people
A week of significant declines across all aspects indicates uncertainty amongst 16 to 34 year olds. With headlines concerning instability in the housing market and news of further unemployment being forecast, a drop in morale is expected this week.

Middle aged band
Following four weeks of upward trends amongst 35 to 54 year olds, this week brings a decline. But figures indicate uncertainty. Whilst 52% of those questioned remain happy, there are declines across all other aspects. Just 38% said they were content in terms of well-being.

Grey market
The only demographic to have significant uplift, spirits amongst 55 to 74 year olds are on the rise this week. They are the only group to report improved health (44%) this week, suggesting that perhaps marketers are engaging with the older demographic effectively and encouraging them to adopt a better attitude towards their health and fitness.


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