Health, wealth and wellbeing: week 15

Men and women across generations are on the look at for a brand or event to give them some inspiration, reports Doug Edmonds, managing director of 2CV.

Doug Edmonds
Doug Edmonds

The 2CV Well-Being Index remains static this week, registering again at 39.

After the staggering drop last week by nearly 10 points to 39%, well-being for men and women of all ages remains on a plateau this week. It seems that the nation is waiting to be inspired, but by what? Maybe we’re all waiting for the government to share banker’s bonuses amongst the working population.

The older generation are in fact the only age group to experience an uplift in well-being with an increase of 5 points this week, making them the most content. Both the young people and middle-aged group still struggle to maintain happiness levels, sliding down by a few points to the mid-thirties.

Whether or not the Winter Olympics boosted fitness and motivational levels over the past few weeks remains to be seen, but now it’s over men’s happiness falls to just 45%, down from 53% last week. In contrast the double buzz of London Fashion Week and pay day give women a lift in happiness this week rising to 46%.

Satisfaction with personal finances has a significant boost which is being driven by the 35-54 year olds for a change, rising 4 points to a still very low 29%. Health levels are mostly consistent with a notable drop of 4 points for women to 42%. Over two months into their 2010 fitness regimes, it appears even new sports clothes and trainer lines are struggling to keep them motivated. Here are the results by each demographic group:

Young People
Health levels stand at 52% as young people remain the most contented groups with their fitness. Lengthening daylight hours are giving young people a chance to be active after work. Satisfaction with wealth remains relatively stable with just a quarter (25%) of young people happy with their financial lot. Although not great, this is understandable when unemployment levels have slowed but young people are still struggling to get on the career ladder. Marketers need to think about where this group spend their time and how they can be targeted. Happiness levels also remain static this week.

Middle-aged band
Despite the turbulent political climate with its daily revelations, 35-54 year olds remain fairly stable across all aspects, with just wealth levels taking a significant jump up following last week’s all time low. A total of 44% of respondents are content with their fitness and happiness, whilst nearly a third (32%) are feeling financially secure making them once again the most affluent age-group for marketers to target.

Grey Market
Following last week’s dip in well-being and happiness, 55-74 year olds are back on top as the happiest and most content with their well-being registering at 48 %and 43% respectively. Their wealth levels take a slight dip to 31 points as they’re not as affected by the pay-day cycle.


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