Heatwave brings out bad rash of stories on sex, love and adult toys

Summer loving happens so fast – and is the only explanation the Diary can come up with for the glut of amorous news items coming its way.

Let us begin with some research from Diary favourites The Aziz Corporation, whose inquisitive finger is constantly searching for a pulse on the UK’s wrist.

Sensing a throbbing after the “John Prescott Affair” affair, it discovered that more than half of UK bosses think it’s OK to have a relationship with a junior colleague; 83% believe that it is acceptable to look for a future partner at work; and almost a quarter of businesswomen have been groped or fondled by a client or senior colleague.

Touchingly, 69% of managers believe that life was much less confusing when people only shook hands.

For those who prefer to conduct their courting outside the office, the Diary brings you a dating website by the name of Platformcrush. This newly launched service gives commuters the chance to develop their dating and stalking skills to locate the partner of their dreams – on the delayed 8.15am to Miseryville.

The blurb describes the site (platformcrush.com) as an “online platform where travellers can search for others⦠and begin to interact with each other.”

Of an entirely more risky bent is a website called Orgasmarmy.com, which the Diary can’t access at work because of the firewall.

Apparently this website, run by online sex toy retailer LoveHoney.co.uk, is “leading a crusade against rubbish sex toys and misleading product descriptions” and claims to be the UK’s first official free sex toy reviews site.

So don’t be surprised if you spot the boss, in some nifty fetish gear, hitting on the canteen lady at Waterloo this summer!


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