Heidi Klum new face of Coty make-up brand

Global beauty giant Coty has appointed German supermodel and television presenter Heidi Klum as the new face of its international beauty brand Astor.

Klum will also be involved in the design of product collections and appear in upcoming print and television campaigns.

The Astor brand will evolve its logo and in-store presence and roll out an advertising campaign with a new signature: “Live Beautifully”.

Klum has already created and designed several other big-name beauty and fashion collections for brands including New Balance for Amazon, Victoria’s Secret Beauty and Destination Maternity.

Coty CEO, Bernd Beetz, says: “We are very excited about the new partnership between Heidi Klum and Astor and feel it has huge potential.

“As one of the most beautiful, talented and most recognised women in the world, Heidi will play an important role in ensuring that the Astor brand continues to be seen as relevant, modern and sophisticated.”



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