Heineken adds Bulmers variant in range overhaul

Heineken UK is to launch a premium variant of its Bulmers cider drink as part of an overhaul of the entire range.


Bulmers Nº17 is a 4% ABV “premium quality” apple cider with red berries and lime.

The brewer hopes the introduction of the drink will fuel further growth in the cider category.

The cider category is growing in the UK at a time when alcohol consumption and beer sales in particular, are declining. Value sales of cider grew 60% to £2.2bn between 2005 and 2010, according to Mintel.

The firm claims, though did not attribute data, that product innovation has attracted 50% of cider drinkers to the category in the last five years.

Sanjay Patel, director of cider brands at Heineken UK, says: “Future growth will continue be driven by consumer interest created and sustained through exciting product innovation….”

A new bottle shape and label is also being introduced across the Bulmers range. The design changes, the brewer adds, aim to “communicate the brand’s quality credentials in a bright, modern way while maintaining the brand’s heritage and authenticity.”

It also wants to brand to stand out on increasingly crowded shelves after a raft of cider launches in recent years.


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