Heineken, Betfair, Michael Kors: The top 10 YouTube ads in April

Heineken’s politically-charged Worlds Apart campaign was the victor for the top 10 UK YouTube ads in April, which were compiled by balancing the total number of views with the percentage of organic and paid views.


1. Heineken: Worlds Apart

The beer brand’s politically-charged Worlds Apart ad, which features a transphobic man meeting a transwoman, is all about bringing together people who may have contrasting views. Marketing Week’s very own Mark Ritson described it as “absolute crap”, but with well over 12 million views it’s clear the campaign has generated plenty of discussion. Whether the Publicis London campaign generates an uplift in sales remains to be seen.

2. Betfair: Dynamo creates magic with FC Barcelona players

Inspired by Barcelona’s magical comeback against PSG, magician-to-the-stars Dynamo hangs out with players such as Luis Suarez in this sponsored film. There’s a message too; being able to bend nails via magic translates to on-pitch chemistry, or something.

3. Gymshark: Train for life

The gymwear brand details the daily routine of fitness vlogger David Laid in this short film, which features plenty of grunts and heavy lifting. The fourth episode in an ongoing YouTube series, the campaign hasn’t quite convinced us it’s a good idea to film our workouts. Sweat = gross.

4. Michael Kors: Blake Lively, Glamour Games

Fashion designer Michael Kors and Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively sit down to play a game of fact-or-fiction in the latest ‘Glamour Games’ film from the designer handbag brand. Spoiler alert: Lively had her first ever kiss on camera, at the age of 16, and has a crush on talk show host David Letterman. Vital information there.

5. Vat19: The Tiny Hands Challenge

In this viral video, novelty gifting brand Vat19 forces people to wear tiny hands while completing a game of Jenga. Finally, a chance to understand the plight of Donald Trump (allegedly).

6. Simply Be: Denim Ad Spring 2017


7. Sky: Sky Mobile launch advert

8. Volvo: Human Made

9. MoneySuperMarket: #EPICSKELETOR

10. Bershka: #BershkaBeauty tutorial by Princess Nokia



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