Heineken bids to make responsible drinking “aspirational”

Heineken has launched its first global responsible drinking campaign with activity that aims to provide a contrast with negative anti-drinking ads by showing that consuming in moderation can be aspirational.


The activity, breaking today (12 December) on social media channels and television, shows people enjoying a night at a club “to the fullest” despite choosing a bottle of water over a bottle of beer.

The ads, released ahead of Christmas to “maximise” the impact of the message during a period when people drink more, will be the first to use the theme “sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers”. Further on and offline activity is planned for 2012.

A video, featuring the DJ shown in the ad, Audrey Napoleon will also play in clubs across the world.

Cyril Charzat, senior director of the Heineken brand, says: “We want to show that enjoying Heineken in moderation can be an integral part of connecting and engaging with friends, meeting new people and exploring new experiences.”

He adds it is important that brewers develop responsible drinking messages to improve the “equity” of their corporate and consumer brands.
“You can’t build a long term sustainable business on excessive consumption”.

The campaign was created by Publicis International and AKQA.




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