Heineken brings online ad to TV

Check out the latest Heineken ad here.

Heineken, is bringing its “Walk in Fridge” ad campaign to television and cinema following the success of a digital YouTube campaign.

The 30-second ad will run on TV and in cinemas from mid-August until mid-September.

The campaign will be the UK debut of the Dutch ad campaign, which has already been shown on YouTube and become the number one viewed ad with 2.5 million views over three months.

Heineken says the advert plays on differences in gender roles and “how far men will go for their love of Heineken”.

It features a group of young women in an apartment cheering as the owner reveals her walk-in wardrobe, followed by her partner revealing a Heineken walk-in fridge to his group of friends.

The advert will also be shown cinemas and video on demand (VOD) services. It will be supported by a digital outdoor campaign in London and digital and experiential activity.

Julia Rodger, Heineken UK brand manager, says: “Walk in Fridge is our first TV advertisement since 2008 and we are aiming to build on the popularity of this advertisement which has already received outstanding interest internationally and online. It plays cleverly and effectively on the popularity of advertisements which use humour to engage viewers and increase their viewing enjoyment whilst conveying the brand’s premium nature, authenticity and desirability.