Heineken preps home appliance inspired by the success of the coffee machine

Heineken has hinted it is to launch a home appliance for beer inspired by the success of the coffee machine as the result of a global tie-up with industrial designer Marc Newson.

Brewer says the upcoming home appliance will revolutionise the at-home beer market.

The brewer says the appliance will “revolutionise the way beer is experienced and enjoyed at home”. It declined to give further details ahead of the product’s reveal in Paris next month (17 October), but teased it would be an “iconic high end home appliance” in a similar vein to a coffee machine.

The project has been led by Newson, who has worked closely with Heineken’s innovation and design teams to develop the product.

François-Xavier Mahot, senior director for innovation at Heineken, says: “We spotted the opportunity to create a premium but playful at home drinking experience for consumers. The success of products such as coffee machines shows the importance of developing an iconic high end home appliance.”

The brewer says it has been tracking drinking trends and noticed that consumers are looking to enhance the at-home drinking experience. It is hoped the latest product can capitalise on this shift as it steps up efforts to use product design to stand apart from rivals. The strategy ties to the brand’s  Champions League sponsorship activity this season which sees it encouraging fans to “share a sofa” with their friends in social and mobile activity.

Heineken has ramped up efforts over the last 12 months to incorporate design further into its marketing mix in an effort to become the “Apple of beer brands”. The brewer has said it wants to follow in the footsteps of brands such as Apple, Audi and BMW by using design to elevate its premium positioning.


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