Heinz holds strategic review for UB buys

HJ Heinz is undertaking a full strategic review of its frozen and chilled food division.

The move follows the purchase of part of United Biscuits’ (UB) business, including the Linda McCartney vegetarian food range and San Marco pizzas, for &£190m.

Heinz is to spend the next four to five weeks reviewing the structure of the division and how best to incorporate the frozen and chilled food business it bought from UB.

A Heinz spokesman says: “There’s going to be a full strategic review of Heinz’s existing division and the [former] UB business.

“Heinz wants the UB business to be an integral part of its food division. The company aims to invest so that it can expand UB’s products and brands.”

He says Heinz plans to take on all the staff at UB’s frozen and chilled food business, which is run by managing director Jim Cane.

Heinz’s frozen and chilled division is divided into desserts and Weight Watchers food products, under category manager Caroline Drummond, and frozen and ready meals, under category manager Rachel Moffatt.

Moffatt and Drummond both report to commercial director Ed Prendergast, who in turn reports to managing director John O’Reilly.

The sale of UB’s frozen and chilled business to Heinz is subject to regulatory hurdles.


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