Heinz pours out Kitchen Garden soup

Heinz is taking on rivals in the fledgling fresh soup sector with the launch of its Kitchen Garden brand at the end of this month.

Heinz, which holds a 36 per cent value share of the 381m UK soup market, is also moving into the condensed soup market – dominated by Campbell’s – with the launch of six varieties.

A Heinz spokesman says: “The fresh soup market has been bubbling under for a few years. But a lot of the products are a little esoteric, and many consumers are not sure they want to spend as much as 1.80 on something they may not like. Heinz will be able to give this market the critical mass it needs.”

As with its condensed soups, Heinz will launch six varieties of Kitchen Garden.

The spokesman says it is time to broaden the condensed soup sector. He claims Heinz’s own research shows that consumers “significantly preferred” the Heinz condensed brand when it is made up into a soup.

Advertising for the two new brands will concentrate on Heinz’s quarterly magazine, Heinz at Home – distributed to 4 million consumers.


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